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The Women Who Gathered

34 inspiring stories of Sister circle, ritual, ceremonial cacao and finding the medicine within


34 of the women who came together in the sister circle have written their stories. Inspiring, deeply touching, raw, real and brutally honest...these brave women have found a way to say what they think, they found their voice, they've healed childhood hurts, and they've forgiven. These women rose through sisterhood and they're inviting you into their circles to inspire you.


THIS is medicine for women.

"This is not their rags to riches story, these stories are real, messy, still in progress, not fully wrapped up and neither will they be. They were bleeding and going through life as they wrote, some women wrote in English even though it’s not their mother tongue. All were writing with tears falling on the page or keyboard as they typed. And in giving me (as the respectful curator and editor of this body of work), their release to print their words…hitting that permission button was done with closed eyes, in slow motion and virtually no breath. Trust me when I say, these women have put themselves on the edge of their comfort zones to try to explain and do justice to the power of this work.

This is the power of gathering with women, this is the power of the sister circle, a power you may not have met yet. These are my sisters, they are among the bravest women I know and they have written their stories just for you.

From the FOREWORD by Author, Medicine Woman,
Lynette Allen

Book Reviews

Beautiful emotive and powerful stories from women of different ages and cultures and different parts of the world. The author took them on an amazing journey from the girl they were, the woman they are and the woman they have yet to become. Crucially following ritual and meditation, transforming these women and enabling a book that you can’t put down. Truly inspiring each and every one. For you Alex 😘

I have just devoured this book. I could see myself in every story. I'm so grateful for every vulnerable and heartfelt word shared by the amazing women in this book. I may just start it again from the beginning and enjoy it all over again
Thank you

I’ve loved reading each woman's story some I’ve read twice over I related to each one of them I would highly recommend the read
Bring on another one

Sister circles...women have been gathering for centuries, it's how we shared stories and wisdom. It’s how we healed, took comfort and sought answers for so long. These precious circles have been a place of self love for women. Inspiration for women, sister circles have been the home of personal growth, spirituality gifts within the feminine tribe and a place to heal the trauma of everyday life. 


Our ancestors gathered...around fires, with medicine and in ritual. Women knew their power back then, their sacred essence, they understood their words were spells and their thoughts cast them. They knew the safety of sisterhood, self empowerment for women, the medicine of self love and self care. Women sought counsel in their wise elders.


Gather the Women is one such sister circle bringing ancient knowledge into modern times. Sitting in circle, drinking ceremonial cacao, talking, sacred eldership, 22 days of ritual and immersion into the 3 aspects of ourselves: the girls we used to be, the women we are now and the women we are yet to become.


Powerful medicine and reflection for the soul, our mental health, emotional stability, connection and the sacred feminine wounds.

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