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Women's Circle

A women's circle offers a  space for connection, for listening, to share in a sacred circle is to share our hearts with compassion and mindful of one another.

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Natural Women Alchemy Podcast Talk

What does it mean to be truly connected to ourselves?

Find out more when Alexandra chatted with Nadine Kuhen on the Natural Woman Alchemy Podcast by clicking the picture below...

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Your go-to for multi-award-winning natural beauty and tailored skincare advice. All natural, vegan and cruelty-free!


The Women Who Gathered

34 of the women who came together in sister circle have written their stories. Inspiring, deeply touching, raw, real and brutally honest...these brave women have found a way to say what they think, they found their voice, they've healed childhood hurts, they've forgiven. These women rose through sisterhood and they're inviting you into their circles to inspire you. THIS is medicine for women.

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Alexandra's Blog

From motherhood to healing modalities, read about Alexandra's journey and the holistic practices she provides.

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Free Meditation

With our busy lives, we're constantly in our heads. I invite you to take 10 minutes to stop, breathe and ground yourself with this beautiful meditation.

Free Meditation
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