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Holistic Kinesiology

Breathe in deeply, to bring your mind home to your body

What is Holistic Kinesiology?

Holistic Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) Therapy is a new type of science-based healing and stress management system, originally developed by Doctors, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists in the 1970s.

The combination of Western science and Eastern Medicine has developed a revolutionary type of healing, that uses gentle, non-invasive muscle testing, to identify underlying causes of mental, emotional, chemical, energetic and physical imbalances, rather than focusing on the “symptoms”.

The Brain-like the intrinsic “motherboard” of the computer, is constantly sending and receiving “messages” from the muscles. It’s via this “two-way street” that a Kinesiology Therapist can literally “communicate with it”, and provide what’s needed to facilitate integrated health and healing.


The system I use is called Arm reflex. It was developed by  Osteopath and Physiotherapist Raphael Van Assche. It consists of a very clear change in the length of the arms due to the momentary shortening of three main muscles: pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi and biceps brachii.


The AR or arm reflex occurs as a result of stress that the body cannot adapt to. It would be like a wake-up call, an alarm mechanism of the body to ask for help. Through the arm reflex, we can establish communication with the body at a level that would seem difficult to believe if you do not know it. It allows us to access the body’s language in a simple and incredibly effective way. The body is constantly speaking to us and using this gentle system we can tap into what the body and soul really need.

Alexandra in her treatment room with a client

Individual Life Patterns

We are all programmed to keep safe, according to our genetic blueprint, and what has worked for us personally in the past. Our unique “strategies” for doing life are based on our success in being liked, accepted or being able to get more of “what we want”.
This can lead to the suppression of emotions and the creation of sabotage and addictive life patterns

“Nice people don’t get angry”…..

For example, putting on a happy face, or not “saying anything”, may allow “nice people” to be seen as even-tempered, self-controlled – even reliable or mature.
When used frequently, the pattern may become so established (subconsciously) that a person may not be able to “say no” or stand up for what they need… more often than not, however, it’s difficult to develop healthy strategies for meeting their own needs…


Clearing the Stress Stockpile

Stress, worry and anxiety… usually caused by negative thoughts about situations or people we can’t or choose not to change; all create acidity and negative energy in the body.
Holistic Kinesiology Therapy is a particularly efficient way of “individually prioritizing” our detoxing of our “inner stockpile” while supporting and maximizing our potential for happiness and wellbeing.


Techniques Used

Pressing points on hands

Listed are some of the techniques that may be used as a ‘correction’ to facilitate a person’s healing. The application or variety of this will vary from one client to another. There are different techniques depending on what level we are working on; structural field, bio-chemical field, emotional field or energetic field.


  • Balancing neurovascular points.

  • Balancing neuro lymphatic points.

  • Massage

  • Essential oils

  • EFT or Emotional Freedom technique

  • Bach Flower remedies

  • Meditations and guided journeys

  • Reiki and Energy healing

  • Holding, tapping meridian points

  • Balancing emotions

  • Use of crystals

  • Use of colour

  • ESR: Emotional stress release (holding the front and back of the head)

  • Stimulating reflexology points on the feet and face

  • Intuitive readings

  • Oracle cards

Holistic Kinesiology With Me

These sessions are for in-person only.

Treatment is £60.00 for 75 minute session.

Follow-up sessions at £55

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Kind Client Words

Client Karen Thomson

Karen Thomson

Alexandra is a very special healer, intuitively choosing different techniques and modalities according to what is needed. She is very gentle and goes at whatever pace is appropriate for you. During one of my sessions, she used muscle testing to select Bach Flower remedies, did a wonderful relaxation meditation and then did some drumming and singing. I left feeling very nurtured and energised, ready to face the world with renewed enthusiasm.

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